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Size  60 X 24 Inches
Style  Abstract
Medium  Acrylic on Canvas
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INR 95,400
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  • About  Sudhir Talmale

    Sudhir Talmale was born in 1964, and completed his Master's degree in fine art from Nagpur University in 1988. His work focuses on the integration of shape, line, and space, and the various combinations in which they come together on his canvases. Expressing these three simple concepts through a masterful use of colour, repetition and layering, the artist creates several elaborate pieces of artwork.
    Talmale's works show the power of a strong palette, and his use of simple shapes like squares, triangles and rectangles along with lines, allows the artists choice of colours to create a visual dynamic that speaks for itself. Talmale's work provides an interesting blend of consistency and experimentation with colour. The contrast in his colours from vibrant turquoise to subdued brown usually relates to certain themes, however, the way in which the artist continually incorporates white adds a unique consistency and contrast to his work. The difference in his individual pieces can be seen in his manipulation of scale, layering and his masterful introduction or removal of space.
    Talmale has participated in various exhibitions all over India and has also won several awards including the Nagpur University Diamond Jubilee Celebration Exhibition and Painting Certificate in 1985-86, and first prize at the Gondwana Jaycees Painting Exhibition, Nagpur, in 1986-87.
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