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EmergingArtists.in has simple and secure payment methods for buyers. We accept all International credit cards like Visa, Master and American Express. We accept the following payment methods:
1. Credit/ Debit Card
We accept all International credit cards like Visa, Master and American Express. The authorization is done via an online payment gateway.
For all offline payments made through Email or Fax, please scan or photocopy and send us the following:
• Photocopy of the credit card (both sides)
• A letter signed duly authorising EmergingArtists.in to debit your card for the said amount.
• Credit Card number and validity along with a 4 digit batch code in case of AMEX and 3 digit CVV code in case of Master/Visa card.
2. Cheque (Only Within India)
We do not accept cheques for international shipment. For international buyers, only Bank Transfers and Online Credit Card, through reputed third party payment gateway, are applicable.

Demand Draft/Cheque to be made in favour of EmergingArtists.in. The Demand Draft/Cheque should be mailed to the address below with complete details of your order:

120, Institutional Area
Sector- 44
Phone Number: +91-124-4932000
3. Bank Transfers
We accept payments through Bank transfer. Please remember to send us the full details of the transfer through email/fax after it is effected. You can pay us in USD/GBP or Euro.
Payment Options
All prices are listed to their value based on the location of the buyer, viz. US Dollars, UK Pounds, Euros and Indian Rupees.

Please take note that if a payment is made by cheque, the piece of art will not be categorized as sold until the cheque is cleared and payment is received. If the cheque is not cleared within the next 15 days, the order will be cancelled.

No cheques will be entertained for international orders. Payments can be processed only by Bank Transfer or Credit Card online for international orders. EmergingArtists.in have different payment options available. Your order will be processed once the full payment is received and credited to our account.

Who we are
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Simple and secure payment methods
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